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Create Sensual Black & White
Images With
Window Light,
In Any Weather - Without
Any Additional Equipment,  And
Without Retouching

For DSLR and Mirrorless camera owners who aspire to artistic results







Only Window Light

You can create studio-like, gorgeous sensual images in your living room, using only natural light from a window.


Without any additional equipment.

Just you, your camera, and your model.

And in any weather - sunny, cloudy or rainy.

You just need to know where and how exactly to position your model - depending on the kind of image you want to create.


Perfect Without Editing

Most people photography courses will teach you how to take a decent shot - then how to manipulate it to perfection in Photoshop, often beyond recognition.

I don't do that.

I teach how to make your portraits perfect straight from the camera, so there is no need for any editing later.

How to create a finished image in the viewfinder, before pressing the shutter.

How to show people's real beauty, without digital manipulation.

I'm Pawel Lipski

I'm an international photography coach, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

I specialise exclusively in people photography in natural light - including portraits, boudoir and travel portraits​.


Because to me, people are the most fascinating photographic subjects, with an endless variety of faces, expressions and emotions.

I spent over 10 years perfecting the ways to use natural light to create studio-like portraits anywhere, in any weather.

Over time, I have filtered down everything I learned into a handful of the most powerful techniques - and structured them into a "3 Steps to Stunning Portraits" training system.

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1-Day Workshop

In this nude art workshop with a Playboy & Penthouse model Chloe Rose, we will create dazzling sculptures with human body, and capture them in impactful black & white images.

I will show you how to control and manage window light to get perfect light and shadows on the face and body, and create mysterious mood. How to bring energy into your images.

We will have 5 hours of shooting time in a small group of max. 6 people.

You will have an opportunity to work with a top model, and learn how to get stellar results with her.


It's For You If You...

Want to create artistic black & white nude images in your living room - without having to rent a studio or buy complex lighting equipment.


Don’t know how to pose a model.


Spend too much time retouching your images, because you can’t get them right straight from the camera.

You Will Learn:

  • How to create dazzling sculptures with human body

  • How to create depth

  • How to make your shots burst with energy

  • How to create mysterious contour lighting

  • How to make a model feel comfortable with you

  • Model's perspective: Chloe will tell you what helps her get the best results



10:00-10:30   BRIEFING

10:30-13:00   SHOOTING

13:00-14:00   Lunch

14:00-16:30   SHOOTING 

16:30-17:30   DEBRIEF & questions


  • WRITTEN FEEDBACK on your 7 best images from the workshop


  • BRIEFING handout

  • Editable  MOOD BOARD template

  • Private FACEBOOK FORUM (lifetime access)

  • Monthly Q&A CALLS



DSLR or Mirrorless



28-85mm (full frame)

20-60mm (APS-C)


Intermediate Level

This workshop is for intermediate & advanced amateur photographers.


You need to be familiar with basic camera controls:

  • Aperture

  • Shutter Speed

  • ISO

  • White Balance

  • Exposure Compensation

Create Photos People ADMIRE

Be AMAZED By Your Own Images

Awaken The ARTIST Inside You

CHF 697


30 June

Locations & Dates

Workshop Locations


My place at Krähbühlstrasse 55


The College Hotel (metro De Pijp)


Le Meridien Hotel (opposite Hbf)



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Not Ready Yet?

Check out my INSTAGRAM

for more of my work:

  • Instagram

Changes & Cancellations

You can change to another date at no extra cost, up to 21 days before the workshop.

You can cancel and get 100% refund, up to 21 days before the workshop.

Date changes within 21 days before the workshop are only possible in case of medical emergency.

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