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Create Artistic Portraits Anywhere, In Any Weather - Without Any Additional Equipment, And Without Retouching


€ 97

Do You Have A Good Camera, But Don't Take Good Photos Of People?

Are you annoyed that you can’t get the images you want, consistently?

Do you photograph your friends & family, and they're never impressed?


Do you feel helpless when people don’t know how to pose - and you don’t know how to direct them?


Do you spend hours retouching your images, because you can’t get them right straight from camera?


What If You Could...

Take MAGAZINE-LIKE portraits without a studio, and without any lighting equipment

Take photos of your friends & family like they've NEVER SEEN before

Become a CONFIDENT PHOTOGRAPHER of people who always gets the results you want


Create images that PEOPLE ADMIRE


Awaken the ARTIST inside you


AMAZE YOURSELF with your own photos

3-Step System

The System.jpg

Only Natural Light

People think that magazine-quality portraits can only be done in a studio, with tonnes of lighting equipment. 

But actually, you can get similar results without a studio, and without any additional equipment at all.

You just need to know where to find great natural light around you - and how to take advantage of it.

But, few people know how to do it.

No Retouching

Most photography courses will teach you how to take a decent shot - then how to manipulate it in Photoshop, often beyond recognition.

I don't do that.

I teach how to make your photos perfect before pressing the shutter, so there is not need to Photoshop them.

How to create a finished image in the viewfinder.

How to make people look great real, not manipulated.


Learn How To:

  • Use natural light to create studio-like portraits in ordinary places - including your living room

  • Get great results in any weather - so you can't even tell the difference

  • Direct & pose people to get the best out of them

  • Capture natural expressions, emotions and personality

  • Turn cluttered background into pitch black in your camera, before pressing the shutter

  • Take candid portraits of strangers without getting noticed

  • Make your photos perfect straight from camera, without retouching

Online Course

It’s an online tutorial that you can take at your own time & pace, on any device.


It mirrors the exact content of my live trainings, condensed into just 2 hours of videos - plus about 4 hours of practice with someone posing for you.

In my live trainings, I do it all in one day. But without me around giving you feedback, it may take you a bit longer.

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Online iPhone Laura 3 Steps.png

Meet Pawel Lipski

  • World's No.1 natural light portrait coach, based in Zurich, Switzerland

  • Helps amateur photographers achieve their dream of taking professional-looking photos of people, within hours

  • 30+ years of photography experience​

  • Spent over 10 years perfecting the ways to use natural light to create studio-like portraits anywhere, in any weather

  • Creator of 3 Steps to Stunning Portraits training system

  • Trained over 1,000 photography enthusiasts around the world

Check my Facebook & Instagram for more - including photos from my live trainings taken by me and the participants.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

What You Need


Ideally a DSLR or Mirrorless


Ideally covering 70-120mm (full-frame)


Be familiar with basic camera controls:


Shutter Speed


White Balance

Exposure Compensation

Mike 1.png

"After 3 hours I had my first WOW effect. It was fantastic to see what can be possible if you just apply a few little tricks and look at the light right"

Claude Saely, Switzerland

"After using these techniques just for a few hours, it turned into incredible results. Looking at my pictures, I couldn't believe that I took them"

Renee Delphis, Switzerland

"Since this training, I have now been taking photos of my friends, family, and acquaintances who have asked me to take pictures, because they have seen the photographs that I can now produce"

Mike Smith, Singapore

Bonus #1

Smartphone Summary

  • A SUMMARY of the entire system for your smartphone

  • Designed as a QUICK REFERENCE that you can always have with you when you take photos of people, to remind yourself of any of these techniques

Online iPhone Laura 3 Steps.png
Top 10 Poses.jpg

Bonus #2

Top 10 Poses

For Women & Men

  • A second PDF handout FOR YOUR SMARTPHONE


  • Intended as a QUICK START to get you going when you take photos of someone.

  • JUST SHOW some of those poses to your subject and try to replicate them, before you get more creative.

Bonus #3

Facebook Forum

12-month access

  • Get your questions ANSWERED fast. Just post your question and I will answer within 2 days

  • See OTHER PEOPLE'S questions, and my answers to them

  • Get ADDITIONAL TIPS from me

  • Have your work CRITIQUED by an audience you can trust

  • Be a part of a growing international COMMUNITY


Bonus #4

Monthly Live Q&A Call

12-month access

  • Ongoing live MENTORSHIP to ensure that you get results like mine


  • Get your questions ANSWERED live - perfect for more complex questions

Create Portraits People ADMIRE

Be AMAZED By Your Own Images

Awaken The ARTIST Inside You

Online Box Laura 3 Steps.jpeg

Online Course

  • Online Course  (Lifetime access)

  • PDF Summary + Top 10 Poses for W/M

€ 97

Online Box Laura 3 Steps.jpeg

Online Course +
2-Month Individual Coaching

  • Online Course  (Lifetime access)

  • PDF Summary + Top 10 Poses for W/M

  • 3 One-on-One coaching video calls

  • Written feedback on 10 images

  • Ongoing WhatsApp access

€ 397

30-day-guarantee 2.png

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If you’re not satisfied with 3 Steps to Stunning Portraits, just let me know and I’ll refund your payment in full. All you have to do is send an email to and you’ll get all your money back.

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