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How to take beautiful, artistic portraits with only natural light, straight from camera


For DSLR and Mirrorless camera owners

You can take beautiful, artistic portraits without a studio, and without any lighting equipment. 


Just you, your camera, and your model.


Portraits that are perfect straight from the camera, without editing.


You just need to know where to find good NATURAL LIGHT around you, and how to use it. 


The best natural light is often in the least expected, ordinary places around you. Places you wouldn’t even think of. You would  literally pass them on the street without even looking.


In this FREE video I will show you exactly how to do it.


You Will Learn:

  • How to take beautiful, artistic portraits with only NATURAL LIGHT, without any additional equipment 


  • How to make your portraits perfect straight from the camera, WITHOUT EDITING

  • The #1 BIGGEST MISTAKE almost everyone makes in people photography, and how to avoid it

  • 3 ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS of great people photography 

  • My proven 3-STEP SYSTEM that you can use to take photos like mine, consistently

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I'm Pawel Lipski

I'm an international photography coach based in Zurich, Switzerland, specialising in natural light portraits.

I spent 10+ years perfecting the ways to use natural light to create studio-like portraits anywhere, in any weather.

I shoot 100% with only natural light, without any additional equipment. All images on my Instagram were taken that way. I don’t even own any lighting equipment, because I don’t need it.

And this is what I teach photographers around the world.​

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