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How To Take Artistic Portraits


Within 1 Hour, Without

Any Lighting Equipment

And Without Retouching

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Do You Have A Good Camera - But Can't Take Good Photos Of People?

Are you annoyed that you can’t get the results you want, consistently?

Do you struggle with light & shadows? Always too harsh or too dull? Too strong or too weak?

Do you wish you could get more from your fancy camera?

How many times did you photograph your friends and family - and they were just never impressed?

Do you spend too much time retouching your photos, because you can’t get them right straight from the camera?


What If You Could Take Better Portraits In Your Living Room Than Pro Photographers Get In A Studio?

Without any additional equipment, and without Photoshop?

What it you could become a confident photographer of people, who always gets the results you want - consistently, and with anyone?

So that you could take photos of your friends and family like they’ve never seen before?

Would you like people to come and ask you to photograph them, once they have seen what you can do?

Only Natural Light

You don’t need a studio to take artistic portraits. No additional equipment either.

You can get the same results using natural light from a window in your living room. 

And nothing else. No strobes, no softboxes, no reflectors. 


Just you, your camera, and your model.

You just to know how to use it. Where and how to position your model.

Window is essentially just like a giant soft box in a studio. You just can’t move it around - so you need to use it differently.


#1 Mistake Everyone Makes In People Photography...

…is taking photos of people in the middle of the day in direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight is the worst light possible.

And yet almost everyone is making this mistake all the time, because they don’t know any better.

On a sunny day, you need to move your subject away from direct sunlight, so that you can use indirect light instead.

And window in your living room gives a perfect indirect light.

Perfect Without Editing

You can get perfect results straight from the camera, without any editing.

We are all brainwashed into thinking that editing is an integral part of photography. You are supposed to spend hours in front of your computer, fixing your images after you took them.

People photography courses will teach you how to take a decent shot - then how to manipulate it to perfection in Photoshop.

I don’t do that. 

I teach how to take portraits that are perfect straight from the camera, so there is no need for any editing afterwards.

What to do to create a perfect image in a viewfinder, before pressing the shutter.

How to show people’s real beauty, without digital manipulation.


Black Background

Many people ask me how I get this black background in my images, without any additional equipment and without editing.

And no, it’s not a black backdrop like in a studio. It’s usually a wall. 

I will teach you how to turn that wall into deep, pitch black in your camera, before pressing the shutter.


Like on these two images from one of my workshops.

It’s the same background on both. 

Both were taken with only window light, without any additional gear. And, of course, without flash.

Both were taken with the same camera settings.

And both are straight from the camera, without editing.

Great Results In Any Weather

What’s more, window light gives the same great results in any weather - sunny, cloudy or rainy.

To a point where you can’t even tell the difference.

Which means that you don’t have to waste a cloudy or rainy day ever again.


You can still pull out your camera and take amazing portraits.

Like on this image from one of my workshops, taken indoors with only window light, with a heavy rainstorm outside.


And the background there was a white wall, with tables and chairs stacked up against it.


Better Camera = Better Photos


Many people buy a good camera and expect it to take better photos for them. 

They spend thousands on their gear, and are surprised that they don’t get better results.

It doesn’t work that way. Cameras don’t take photos. People do.

People often ask me what camera I use. They assume that I get better photos than them because I have a better camera.


No. I get better photos with a 10-year old camera than they do, because I have the SKILL.


The skill that I’m just about to teach you.

Results With Anyone

You don’t need professional models to get images like these.


You can get those results with complete amateurs.


Almost half of photos on this page are of complete amateurs - mostly participants of my workshops, who were only posing for us for 15-20 minutes.


I'm Pawel Lipski


I’m an international people photography coach, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

I specialise only in natural light portraits. 100%. Nothing else.

I spent more than 10 years perfecting the ways to use natural light to get studio-like results anywhere, in any weather. 

And that’s what I’ve been teaching people like you for the last 6 years.

I have helped 1,000 amateur & pro photographers around the world transform their people photography within days.

I watched them open their eyes wide with amazement at what can be achieved with just a few simple techniques and tricks.

You Are Just Hours Away From Images Like These

With just a few simple tricks, you will start creating images like the ones you see on this page within hours. 

Without having to buy any extra gear, and without editing.

You will be shocked how easy it is, once you know those tricks.

So you can finally enjoy people photography every time.

So you can start feeling the thrill of creating beautiful, artistic images yourself, with your own camera.

You can lift people’s mood, confidence and self-esteem by making them look great in your photos.

And take amazing portraits from now for the rest of your life.

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Unlock Window Light

An eye-opening technique to take artistic, studio-like portraits in your living room, without any additional equipment.

Window light is my most favourite technique. At least half of all images on my Instagram were taken with window light.


And ALL images on this page were also taken with only window light, without any additional gear, and without editing. 

And now I’m giving it to you, so you can start using it yourself. 

So you can become a confident photographer of people, who always gets the results you want, consistently and with anyone.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Create gorgeous, artistic portraits with only window light, without any additional equipment

  • Get great results in any weather, so that you can't even tell the difference

  • Make the background pitch black in your camera, before pressing the shutter​

  • Create dual shadows on both sides of the face, for a dramatic cinematographic effect

  • Make your photos perfect straight from the camera, without any retouching


  • Best camera settings for portraits

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How It Works

In this online course, you will see me working with a model in 2 different indoor locations - so I can show you exactly how to use window light to get these results.

And then you need to find someone who will pose for you for a couple of hours, so that you can replicate all this yourself.

Will This Work For Me?

This is for you if you are either:

Experienced amateur photographer. You have a good camera, have been into photography for a while, but are still not satisfied with the quality (or consistency) of your people shots, OR...

Studio photographer who wants to get the same results without having to pay for renting a studio and spending half an hour just to set up lighting equipment

As a minimum, you need to know basic camera controls:

  • Aperture

  • Shutter Speed

  • ISO

  • White Balance

  • Exposure Compensation


Now Yours For Just €27

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Window light is a key part of my live workshops which cost over €900. But you don't have to pay nearly as much.


Because this online course is only €97.

It’s a tiny fraction of what you paid for your camera - but will bring a far greater improvement to your people photos.

But you need to act now, because I won’t keep this offer for long.


Money-Back Guarantee

And remember if you’re not blown away with this course for any reason at all, just send me an email and I’ll quickly and happily refund 100% of your money, with no hard feelings.

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Smartphone Summary

A summary of this technique for your smartphone.


A QUICK REFERENCE to always keep at hand, so you can refresh your memory when you're shooting.



DSLR or Mirrorless


Full frame:

Minimum 70-120mm

Recommended 70-200mm


Minimum 50-80mm

Recommended 50-130mm


Your Choice

So now you can either:

  • Keep doing what you're doing, getting the same results you've been getting so far, and - as the years go by - continue to wonder what you're doing wrong. Becoming increasingly frustrated with people photography, and resigned to never getting the images you aspire to.


  • Take this course and watch your people photography transform overnight into something that you didn't think was even possible without a studio and complex lighting equipment. Watch yourself create art, every time. And feel confident that you can always get results, consistently.

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

What People Say...


Claude Säly, Zurich

"After 3 hours I had my first WOW effect. It was fantastic to see what can be possible if you just apply a few little tricks and look at the light right"


Annelies Schipper, Amsterdam

"If you are interested in taking portraits, you have to do this training! Pawel is a master in teaching how to get amazing portraits without any lights or editing"

Mike 1.png

Mike Smith, Singapore

"Since this training, I have now been taking photos of my friends who have asked me to take pictures, because they have seen the photographs that I can now produce"


Adam Farquhar, London

"Pawel makes some pretty strong claims for the course. I have to say that they are absolutely justified. Using the methods he teaches, I've taken better portraits than ever before - artistic, straight from the camera with no retouching" 

Create Portraits People ADMIRE

Be AMAZED By Your Own Images

Awaken The ARTIST Inside You

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