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Create Artistic Portraits
Only Natural Light,
In Any Weather - Without
Any Additional Equipment, And
Without Editing

For DSLR and Mirrorless camera owners who are passionate about photography

Eye-opening ways to use NATURAL LIGHT


Become a CONFIDENT photographer who can always get the results you want - consistently, and with anyone


Take Beautiful Portraits

  • Take portraits people ADMIRE

  • Be AMAZED by your own images

  • Awaken the ARTIST inside you

Want To Earn Money From Photography?

  • Learn the SKILLS that will make you money

  • CHARGE MORE for photoshoots

  • SAVE money on studio & lighting equipment by using natural light


Only Natural Light

You can take gorgeous, artistic portraits without having to pay for a studio, and without any lighting equipment.


In fact, without any additional equipment at all.

Just you, your camera, and your model.

And in any weather - sunny, cloudy or rainy.

You just need to know where to find great natural light around you, and how to use it. 


The best natural light is often in the most unexpected, ordinary places. Places you wouldn't even think of. You would pass them on the street, without even looking.

Perfect Without Editing

Most people photography courses will teach you how to take a decent shot - then how to manipulate it to perfection in Photoshop, often beyond recognition.

I don't do that.

I teach how to make your portraits perfect straight from the camera, so there is no need for any editing.

How to create a finished image in the viewfinder, before pressing the shutter.

How to show people's real beauty, without digital manipulation.


3-Step System

There are 3 essential components of great people photography. These are the three things that you always have to get right to create beautiful images of people.


And these are the 3 steps of my system. A system that you can use yourself to get results like mine within days.

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Results With Anyone

You don’t need professional models to create images like these.


You can get those results with complete amateurs.


You just need to know how to direct and pose them. 


How to engage and interact with your model to get the best out of them. 


How to make them relaxed, comfortable and confident in front of your camera.

How to capture emotions, natural expressions, and personality of your subject.

2-Day Workshop

In this transformational workshop, I will show you where to find great natural light around you, and how to use it to create artistic, studio-like portraits. How to direct and pose people.

You will learn my entire system, all 17 techniques - and we will practice them together until you get them.

We will practice with men & women, with professionals & amateurs.

You will get face-to-face coaching and instant feedback.

You will start taking photos like these yourself, within hours.

This workshop will change your entire experience of people photography, forever.


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31 Google reviews

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I'm Pawel Lipski

I'm an international photography coach, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

I specialise exclusively in people photography in natural light - including portraits, boudoir and travel portraits​.


Because to me, people are the most fascinating photographic subjects, with an endless variety of faces, expressions and emotions.

I spent over 10 years perfecting the ways to use natural light to create studio-like portraits anywhere, in any weather. And this is what I teach photography enthusiasts around the world.

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You Will Learn How To:

  • Use natural light to create studio-like portraits anywhere - even in your living room

  • Get great results in any weather

  • Turn cluttered background into pitch black in your camera, before pressing the shutter​

  • Direct & pose people, especially complete amateurs

  • Capture natural expressions, emotions and personality

  • Make your photos perfect straight from camera, without any retouching


  • Best camera settings for portraits in different situations





10:00-12:30   LEARN complete 3-step system

12:30-13:00   Lunch

13:00-13:30   CAMERA SETTINGS

13:30-17:30   PRACTICE with a female model

17:30-18:00   Q&A and homework for Day 2



10:00-11:00   REVIEW best shots from Day 1

11:00-13:00   PRACTICE with a male model

13:00-13:30   Lunch

13:30-17:00   PRACTICE with amateur models

17:00-18:00   Q&A and follow-ups


6 Bonuses

  • SMARTPHONE SUMMARY of the entire system

  • TOP 10 POSES for women & men

  • WRITTEN FEEDBACK on your 10 best workshop photos


  • Feedback on your FUTURE PHOTOS


  • Monthly group Q&A CALLS

Workshop Like No Other

Studio-like portraits WITHOUT STUDIO



Easy to use 3-STEP SYSTEM

Practice with FEMALE & MALE models



TRANSFORMATIONAL results in 2 days



Camera vs Skill

2 factors determine the quality of your images. Your:




Which one do you think is more important?

You probably guessed it right. It is your skill.

It's funny how many people invest their money in the exact opposite order.

They spend thousands on expensive cameras, and are surprised that their images don't get any better.

1st Lesson FREE

This is a photo I took at one of my workshops, on a busy street, in the middle of a sunny day.


I took it using only natural light, without any additional equipment.


It's straight from the camera, without any editing.


In this video, I will show you how exactly I did it. What are the things you need to get right to achieve this result.


And no, it's not about camera settings :)


Create Portraits People ADMIRE

Be AMAZED By Your Own Images

Awaken The ARTIST Inside You



2 days

Max. 10 people

  • Face-to-face coaching by Pawel

  • Individual feedback

  • 7-10 models (pros & amateurs)

  • Written feedback on photos

  • Smartphone summary

  • Transformational results in 2 days

CHF 997

Q&A Call no bcgd copy.png


2 months

Max. 10 clients per month

  • 5 individual video calls with Pawel

  • Daily WhatsApp access

  • Written feedback on photos

  • Online tutorials

  • Smartphone summary

  • Transformational results in 2 mths

CHF 997

Online Box Laura 3 Steps copy.png




  • Pre-recorded tutorial

  • Smartphone summary


CHF 97


  • Camera & lenses you need
    You need a good camera, ideally a DSLR or Mirrorless. You also need lens(es) covering focal range of: FULL FRAME: Minimum 70-120mm Recommended 70-200mm ​ APS-C: Minimum 50-80mm Recommended 50-130mm
  • Intermediate level
    This workshop is for intermediate & advanced amateur photographers - as well as professionals who want to expand beyond studio. ​ At a very minimum, you need to be familiar with basic camera controls, such as Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance and Exposure Compensation.
  • Cancellations & Date Changes
    You can cancel up to 21 days before the start of the workshop and get 100% refund. You can also switch to another date up to 21 days before the start of the workshop, at no extra cost. Cancellations & date changes less than 21 days before the workshop are only possible in case of documented medical emergency.

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