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How To Take Magazine-Quality Photos Of People With Only Natural Light, Anywhere, In Any Weather - Without Any Additional Equipment, Without Retouching

For DSLR & Mirrorless camera owners who want to dramatically improve their people photography



World's #1 Daylight Portrait Coach


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Group Size:

max. 30 people per class


Most people think that gorgeous, magazine-quality portraits are only possible in a studio, with tons of lighting equipment. 


But actually, you can get similar results without a studio, and without any lighting equipment - in ordinary places around you, and in any weather. 


You just need to know where to find great natural light around you, and how to control it - and you can start taking portraits that you won't believe are yours, within hours. 

Portraits that look great straight from the camera, with no need for retouching.

Come to my free live session and see how it's done - so that you can become a proficient, confident photographer of people, who can get the results you want consistently, anywhere, and with anyone.

Taken at my workshop in Zurich, in a meeting room, using only natural light, without retouching.

You Will Learn:

  • 3 critical ingredients of people photography

  • How to find great natural light around you - and how to take advantage of it

  • How to get the same results in any weather - where you can't even tell the difference

  • How to take studio-like portraits in your living room

  • How to direct & pose your subject - especially amateurs

  • How to take discreet portraits without getting noticed

  • How to make your photos perfect straight from camera, with no need for retouching

  • The biggest mistake that almost everybody makes in people photography - and how to avoid it​​​​​​

  • A proven 3-step formula that you can use to take stunning portraits, consistently, anywhere, with anyone


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For DSLR & Mirrorless Camera Owners

Do you have a passion for beautiful photos of people - but are not happy with your own?


Are you frustrated that you can't get the images that you want, consistently?

Do you take photos of your friends or family, and they are just not impressed? And you are even not impressed yourself?

Do you admire other people's shots, wishing you could do that?

If that's you, make sure you don't miss this session!


"After 3 hours I had my first WOW effect. It was fantastic to see what can be possible if you just apply a few little tricks and look at the light right"

Claude Saely, Switzerland


"After using these techniques just for a few hours, it turned into incredible results. Looking at my pictures, I couldn't believe that I took them"

Renee Delphis, Switzerland

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"Pawel cut through all the mysteries of photography and gave us an easy-to-follow framework for taking great photos"

Lim Chin Han, Malaysia


"I have to say that those reflected light techniques are simply amazing"

Neo Liaw Boon Chek, Singapore


World's #1 Daylight Portrait Coach

  • International photography coach, based in Zurich, Switzerland

  • 30+ years of photography experience

  • Specialises in people photography in natural light​

  • Perfected ways to use natural light to create studio-like portraits anywhere, in any weather

  • Creator of 3 Steps to Stunning Portraits training system

  • Trained over 1,000 photography enthusiasts around the world


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