Take Stunning Portraits Anywhere


Learn How To Take Gorgeous, Artistic Photos Of People With Only Natural Light, Anywhere, In Any Weather - Without Any Additional Equipment, And Without Retouching

Create Portraits People ADMIRE

Be AMAZED By Your Own Images

Awaken The ARTIST Inside You

Do You Want To...

Take PROFESSIONAL-LOOKING portraits without a studio, and without any lighting equipment​?

Become a CONFIDENT photographer of people, who always gets the results you want?

Transition from ordinary photos of people to beautiful, ARTISTIC images

Take photos of your friends & family like they've NEVER SEEN before?


Only Natural Light

People think that magazine-quality portraits can only be done in a studio, with tonnes of lighting equipment. 

But actually, you can get similar results without a studio, and without any additional equipment at all.

You just need to know where to find great natural light around you - and how to take advantage of it.

No Retouching

Most people photography courses will teach you how to take a decent shot - then how to manipulate it to perfection in Photoshop, often beyond recognition.

I don't do that.

I teach how to make your photos perfect straight from the camera, with no need to Photoshop them.

How to create a finished image in the viewfinder, before pressing the shutter.

How to make people look great in real, not manipulated.


Pawel Lipski


I help amateur photographers who have a good camera - but can’t get good photos of people.


I spent 10+ years perfecting the ways to use natural light to achieve studio-like results anywhere, in any weather.


I have created “3 Steps To Stunning Portraits” training system, that anyone can use to get the results they want, consistently, anywhere and with anyone.


That’s why people come to me to achieve transformational results fast.

World's No.1 Natural Light Portrait Coach

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3-Step System

There are three essential components of great people photography.

These are the three things you always need to get right to create beautiful, moving portraits.

They all have a different role, and bring different qualities into your images.

These are the three steps of my revolutionary system "3 Steps To Stunning Portraits".

You can learn about them in my free live training here:


"After 3 hours I had my first WOW effect. It was fantastic to see what can be possible if you just apply a few little tricks and look at the light right"

"Since this training, I have now been taking photos of my friends, my family, even some acquaintances who have asked me to take pictures, because they have seen the photographs that I can now produce; professional quality pictures, coming straight from my camera, with no editing."

"Pawel cut through all the mysteries of photography and gave us an easy-to-follow framework for taking great photos"

"After using these techniques just for a few hours, it turned into incredible results. Looking at my pictures, I couldn't believe that I took them"

Featured Trainings

I offer an exciting selection of highly-effective trainings, where people achieve transformational results within 1-2 days.


Where they start taking photos they can't believe are theirs, and start feeling the thrill of creating gorgeous, artistic portraits themselves. 


Take Amazing Portraits, Anywhere


In this live class, I will reveal 3 essential components of great portraits, the biggest mistakes that almost everyone makes and how to fix them, and share several of my best techniques that you can start using right away.

Available as in-person meeting or a live webinar, depending on location. 



3 Steps To Stunning Portraits


In this training, you will learn how to take magazine-quality portraits with only natural light, in ordinary places around you, and in any weather - without any additional equipment, and without retouching.

You will start taking photos that you won't believe are yours, within hours.

CHF 997


Travel Portrait Masterclasses


Master the art of travel portrait in some of the world's most fascinating places for people photography - where you would probably never go on your own.


These trips come with full-time photographic coaching, location-specific briefings, daily assignments, and feedback on your shots.

from CHF 1,997